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Sailboat Fuel

In the world of petrol, sailboats have a different way of travel.  If you own a sailboat it is the wind in your sails that keep you moving. Since wind is such a hot commodity to those in the sailing world, us sailors love breezy days. There was an interesting story about sailboat fuel that…

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We Will Be At The Worlds Largest Fishing Show!

 The 71 year old Fred Hall Show at the Long Beach Convention Center is the world’s largest sportfishing show! California’s largest boat show and an international leader in hunting and fishing travel. Virtually all forms of outdoor recreation are represented at this enormous event, featuring:  more fishing tackle manufacturer displays than any other show anywhere,…

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What Kinds Of Dolphins Should I lookout For While We’re Sailing?

Here you will find a list of the 11 dolphin species that can be seen in our California waters. Starting with the most common dolphins, you will learn about the different species to lookout for, and hopefully after reading this blog you will be able to name them when you see them. There are two…

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Bring On The Sunshine!

We’ve made it through the storm! The sun is shining and there is beautiful weather on the horizon! We’ve had so much rain which isn’t very fun to sail in but the weather is getting back to normal! Hopefully the weather stays on our side for a while because we want to see some whales.…

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