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From The Docks – San Diego Marine Wildlife Tours

a small boat in a body of water

Have you ever witnessed whales or dolphins in the wild? Wintertime is a great time to experience San Diego’s marine wildlife out on the ocean while sailing. In our last post, we announced the launch of Sail San Diego’s 2022 Whale Watching Season. San Diego is a main stop for Gray Whales migrating from Alaska down to Mexico. However, whales certainly aren’t the only marine life we see out there! Our guests & captains often see dolphins, seals and sea lions on our San Diego sailing tours. We see herons, parrots & other exotic birds. Our captains often sail near the floating docks here in San Diego’s Big Bay, where you can see the sea lions sunbathing.

Lately, we’ve experienced several dolphin sightings as well! Check out these photos our captains caught of the dolphins during a recent San Diego Sunset Sail.

Looking to go out sailing with us, but not sure which type of sailing experience to choose this time of year? The most popular are The Whale Watching Tours, Day Sails, & Sunset Sails. These tours depart daily from our private marina here out of Shelter Island / Point Loma. You have the option to join a group sail on any of these experiences (we accommodate up to 6 passengers per boat for our group sails), or you can book your charter privately and have anywhere from one to ten guests aboard. Come join us this winter season & experience San Diego’s marine wildlife up close while sailing!