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"Sailing is an experience that can make you feel more alive"

Sail San Diego SunsetWe at Sail San Diego believe sailing is an experience that can make you feel more alive. Being in fresh air, in a gentle swell, away from the coast where the mind can wander is cathartic. We've held residence all over the planet but have rooted ourselves in San Diego because we feel it's the only place where we can do what we love most every day in the company of like-minded people who live life to the fullest. Free of hurricanes, high humidity, ice and snow, we're able to make the most of every minute of every day.  We pride ourselves in celebrating and sharing the gift of the sea with others and we do this every time we get the sails in the wind.

Wanting to harness the exhilaration of sailing and maintain our focus we chose to find homes for our power boat and a subpar sailboat. We researched boats in search of the kind we'd want if we were to be guests. We moved our company closer to the ocean's entrance so that we could maneuver quickly out to sea. We knew this would alleviate currency concerns. Resultantly, everything on board is just like it would be if one were on a friend’s boat. This personal, friendly-quality is one of the many reasons Sail San Diego continues to grow despite challenging economic times.

We seek a crew and captains that share our ideology and philosophy of life, for these wizards of the wind and sea are key to crafting Sail San Diego's one-of-a-kind, transformative adventures. While some of these select individuals came to sailing early in life, and some a bit later, all share a love of the sea and have chosen this lifestyle.  The owners of Sail San Diego could just "manage and market" the company but they do so much more. Their regular participation in sailing tours creates the family feeling that sets them apart from other sailing companies.

There are many ingredients in the "Successful ~ Sail San Diego" company recipe with the right boats, location, crew, amenities and price being just a few.

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