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Sail San Diego
Great Experience!

I have sailed with Sail San Diego several times and it's never a disappointment. I have sailed with both family and friends and had a wonderful experience each time. The boats are clean, crew is friendly and accommodating. It's easy to book and very organized. I HIGHLY recommend sailing with them!!

– Prarff • Tripadvisor
Sail San Diego
10/10 would book again!

Had an amazing experience! We booked the private 2-hr sail for my family of four and our captain was a delight! He made our 3 yr old feel included and entertained as well as the rest of us! We will definitely book again next time we are in San Diego!!

– MinneAppleMom612 • Tripadvisor
Sail San Diego
Best private sail in San Diego

I have taken a private sail boat ride with Sail San Diego nearly every year since 2018 and it is the best place for this type of outing. They tailor the type of sailing experience for your party. If you want to listen to music, they accommodate for that. If you want it to be peaceful and tranquil then they create that atmosphere.

– Crystal P. • Tripadvisor
Sail San Diego
Excellent Private Sail

Our group of four loved sailing with Sail San Diego. The booking was simple, the communication open and helpful, the directions were easy to follow, and everything was on time. The captain was fun and took us where ever we wanted. I would highly recommend them!

– Getaway56033 • Tripadvisor
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