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Yellowfin Tuna Carnage

a group of people on a boat

Last Tuesday the Ernesto group went out with us and scored a nice 100# Bluefin for there Offshore Day Trip. As soon as they got back in they wanted to go back out with us immediately. Luckily we had availability yesterday and got them back at it but targeting the elusive Yellowfin that has been tough to catch this year. Rarely, do we get Yellowfin Tuna over 30-40# in So Cal waters but this year has been insane with Bluefin up to 300# and now these Yellowfin we caught up to 80#. The guys fought fish all day and scored big with 7 total Yellowfin up to 80#. They also lost just as many. These guys are champs and it was a pleasure to put them on fish of a lifetime once again. They now have over 500# of fresh tuna to eat.