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Sailboat Fuel

a sign in front of a mountain

In the world of petrol, sailboats have a different way of travel. 

If you own a sailboat it is the wind in your sails that keep you moving.

Since wind is such a hot commodity to those in the sailing world, us sailors love breezy days.

There was an interesting story about sailboat fuel that came to mind when writing this blog post.

Apparently, a company was sending empty trucks across the desert in order to capitalize off US taxpayer dollars.

The company was sending empty trucks full of “Sailboat Fuel” across insurgent-infested desert, risking the lives of the soldiers and truck drivers.

The masters of milking the system came to the conclusion that military capitalism was the best way to make a quick buck.

The story is known as the “great Iraq swindle”

That is some interesting stuff!