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A lesson Of A Lifetime

a boat in a large body of water

         My years of preparation for this epic journey began in San Diego at a little one-boat sailing company. It was my 23rd birthday and my girlfriend of the time had purchased two tickets for a sailing lesson. Other than something to do, we didn’t think it would spark an everlasting love for the ocean and sailing. Still to to this day I look back on that sailing lesson and smile.

0430- The alarm goes off, I pry my eyes open and find that I’m pretty alert even though I did not get enough sleep as I hoped. The night before me neighbors called me over for some scotch and a side of conversation. Their unhappy expressions of me leaving left a warm sensation in my heart because I then realized how much of impact Ive made on their lives, though in the back of my mind I was sad to know that this may be the last time we ever see each other.

0500- The walk from the auto to the marina was making me a little anxious. Just the idea that these will be my last journey from my car to the boat in who knows how long, was hanging over my head. I wasn’t sure what to make of that feeling, but i was sure there was an adventure that awaited me.

0530- All Is looking good, the food and drinks are stocked for the long journey ahead. The moment it all got real was when the lines made their way from the security of the harbor cleats to their positions on the boat. My attention was directed to maneuvering through the twists and turns of the marina and out into the sea.

0600- The sight of the marina became a pebble in my vision, my heart began to beat faster and faster, then and only then did I feel liberated from my ties to the land.