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Insane Bluefin Bite

a boat is docked next to a body of water

Yesterday, took a crew trip and went searching for the elusive Bluefin Tuna. Trip started of leaving the dock at 0 dark 30, skipped the bait barge and went straight to the banks with poppers, surface irons and a whole lot of gear. 2 hours later and we start seeing great signs of life with birds, dolphin and whales. After an hour looking around we finally got our first shot at one of the most insane schools of Bluefin I have ever seen. This school was no joke. Hundreds if not thousands of Bluefin in the 60-200 pound range. San Diego has some world class fishing but we don’t usually get these bigger size models on our local banks. We got our first hookup with Spencer (deckhand) throwing the Popper right in front of the school. An hour and a half later he was still fighting the fish when all of a sudden the line went slack (fish bit right through the line) this was definitely close to a 200 pound fish. After the disappointing fight we revaluated our game plan as there where now schools after schools of tuna splashing around everywhere. The next school we drove up to, Spencer hooked up again with the Popper and this time we got the beast to the boat. This went on all day, we hooked 8 massive fish and landed 2. These are true giants we have in our waters right now and are now offering bluefin trips on our 3/4 and full day charters. We have an epic summer in the works.