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From the Docks – Celebrations on the Water

a group of people posing for the camera

Over the next two days, our Company calendar shows nine different special occasions that our guests will be celebrating on the water. At this rate, we could figure that Sail San Diego’s 40-foot sailing yachts have been the venue for over 52,000 special celebrations, over the past 32 years that we’ve been in business. That’s a lot of celebrating!

Sunset sails, of course, are our most popular tour for all of the romantic celebrations: anniversaries, proposals, wedding parties & honeymoons.a close up of a man

On our day sails, you’ll tend to see more birthday celebrations, bachelor & bachelorette parties, graduation celebrations, and things like that.

Whatever the occasion is that you’re celebrating, Sail San Diego has you covered with all of the amenities for a proper shindig: a 40-foot luxury sailing yacht (private & shared experiences available), a licensed sailing captain, Bluetooth speakers, and a galley fully-stocked with all of the beer, sodas & snacks that you could want.

We even have two specially-themed bachelorette packages for our soon-to-be brides.

If you’ve never experienced a special occasion on the water, on a relaxing modern-day sailboat, we encourage you to book your next celebration with us right away by calling our office (619) 297-7426.