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From the Docks – San Diego Marine Life

a person standing next to a body of water

Having grown up in the high desert of Los Angeles, I’ve always loved seagulls. This stems from my love of the beach and the ocean. On “beach days” or when we’d take a vacation to a beach resort, I’d know that we were getting close to the water when we began spotting seagulls.

San Diego has plenty of seagulls! On a sailing tour with San Diego’s top-rated boat tour Company, Sail San Diego, you also stand a decent chance of sighting some dolphins. We sure didn’t have any of those in the desert!



a seal on a dock next to a body of water


Most of our San Diego sailing tours include sea lion spottings, as they bask in the sun on the floating docks & buoys of San Diego Bay. Sail San Diego also offers specific whale watching tours during the Gray Whale migration season, which is annually from January through the end of March. Although San Diego whale sightings are unlikely during the other months of the year, a fantastic, memorable time on the water is always guaranteed!

For our bird lovers out there, San Diego Bay & the nearby Pacific Ocean are home to several exotic species of bird, including ospreys, herons, parrots (yes… parrots!) and (of course) seagulls.

Book your San Diego wildlife sailing tour with Sail San today by calling our office at 619-297-7426.

a small boat in a body of water