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Private sailing lessons are a one-on-one experience with a qualified instructor.

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Our lessons are private, Just "you" or up to 3 of your friends can join in. This is a fun way to get some hands-on knowledge as well as work on your rusty skills before taking a sail vacation.

At Sail San Diego, we offer lessons for every level of sailor, from beginner to advanced. Each of our US Coast Guard Certified Captains has the extensive knowledge and the passion to introduce you to the wonderful sport of sailing. Within the protected waters of the San Diego Bay, we offer our students a safe and comfortable environment from which to learn this time-honored skill. Our Sailing class is designed to teach the beginner the fundamentals of sailing. All of our classes are designed to allow you to get the most out of your sailing. Classes are private, giving you the opportunity to learn from an experienced captain at your own pace. No Prior Experience Needed.

Book below, or call our friendly staff to get started on (619) 297-7426. You could literally be learning to sail in 5 minutes from now.

You’ll be amazed by how much you can learn in just a few hours! Private sailing lessons are a one-on-one experience with a qualified instructor. Nervous about docking? Need some extra help heaving-to or completing a man overboard drill? Our instructors are here to help! Fully customizable based on what skills you are looking to strengthen. Private sailing lessons are a good choice if you’re working towards a particular rating, prefer one-on-one coaching, or you need more scheduling flexibility.

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