valentines day 2021

It’s always something that requires at least some level of thought & consideration… what’s the best place to take my special someone, for this special celebration of love that only happens once a year? What’s a memorable date that will be romantic, not too cliché, but won’t break the bank for Valentines Day? To compound…

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gift card sailing

The world is a slightly different place, each year that the holidays roll around. Never in modern history has this been more true than it is this particular holiday season. In 2020, the world was reminded on a level not seen in 75 years, of the importance of family, friends, sharing love & cherishing memorable…

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sailing boat tours in san diego during purple tier, san diego sailing tours during covid

The State of California announced this week that San Diego will be moved into what they call the “purple tier” due to a reported increase in Covid-19 infections. Under the purple tier, retail stores must reduce their capacity to 25%, and restaurants, places of worship & gyms must switch to outdoor-only activities. The good news:…

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GENERAL Is Sail San Diego Open? We are now open in limited capacity that allows us to maintain safety and physical distancing between groups. What is your cancellation policy? Our cancellation policy is very straight forward and friendly. Please call us at least 72 hours prior to your departure time for a full refund. Can…

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