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Sailing for Maui

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Sail San Diego welcomes your support for devastated Maui residents.

Our hearts are breaking for Maui and its devastating loss.  Maui might be over 2,000 nautical miles from us, but their pain is felt deeply in San Diego as so many of us have close ties to Hawai’i.  The sailing community here has a strong bond with the islands as Hawai’i has a rich seafaring history and is a regular destination for passage-making sailors, and many of the captains and crew (including our own) are either from the islands themselves or have friends and family on Maui.

We know that there is a long and heart-wrenching road ahead to recovering and rebuilding Lahaina, both physically and emotionally. But we also believe in the resiliency of the Hawai’i community and are committed to helping it flourish again.

What residents and small businesses really need right now is additional financial support, so please consider donating by coming out for a sail with us.

Just add your donation to any sail when you book with us online or over the phone. 100% of your donation will go to victims of the fires.

All monies raised are directed to verified fundraisers and entities providing rapid and much-needed support to Lahaina’s impacted people and pets.

❤️Sail San Diego