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WHY we do this

a sunset over a body of water

At Sail San Diego, we believe that sailing is an experience that can bring a feeling and understanding that makes you feel more alive. Being out in fresh air, in a gently swell, away from the coast, out where your mind can breathe. We have lived all over the planet. We do this in San Diego because we feel it was the only place we can do what we love most every day a year with people yearning to learn and experience what we live for. Free of hurricanes, free of humidity, free of winter, making us feel free all year round.  We pride ourselves in sharing this feeling. We do this every time we get the sails in the wind, as it pulls the boat forward it pulls us in.

So in making sure no other aspect of charting gets in the way, we got rid of our power boat. We got rid of our sailboat that did too cramped, too old and lacking comfort while yet want to keep the exhilaration of sail. We researched boats looking for what we would want as a guest on a sailboat for a day yet reasonably price so to keep are pricing down. We moved the company closer to the ocean entrance to get there in a stress-free time frame. We believe the experience should not be fraught with currency concerns while enjoying nature. Everything on board is as it would be, as if you were on a friend’s boat. This is why Sail San Diego grew during a time when our economy contracted.  We seek out crew and captains that believe the same, they are agents of the wind and sea. They do this for a living because they sought it out. Some came to sailing early in life others a little later, but all by choice.  The owners of Sail San Diego could just manage the company making it more profitable, but still take out sailing groups because it feeds that feeling and making sure you feel it too. Is that not the point?

The right boats, the right location, the right crew, the right amenities, at a price a family can afford. Many times we are asked if we actually sail.  We don’t understand companies that don’t. Is that not the point? Sure it’s easier to motor around. But we do this for other reasons, to continue to summon up that feeling.