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Speedboat Whale Watching in San Diego

For San Diego’s 2017—2018 whale watching season, Sail San Diego is offering our guests a couple different options. As we…

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What Kind Of Sail Boats Does Sail San Diego Have?

We love sailing and for that reason, we have 5 sail boats! There are 3 different kinds of sailboats that…

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I Think I Better Rum

The weather is telling me that its time for some sailing and cold beverages. The Rum Runner isn’t a 5K…

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The Fred Hall Show In San Diego

We’re here at the Fred Hall Show! Come visit us at the Del Mar Fairgrounds for the Fred Hall Show…

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A lesson Of A Lifetime

         My years of preparation for this epic journey began in San Diego at a little one-boat sailing company. It…

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Sailboat Fuel

In the world of petrol, sailboats have a different way of travel.  If you own a sailboat it is the…

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We Will Be At The Worlds Largest Fishing Show!

 The 71 year old Fred Hall Show at the Long Beach Convention Center is the world’s largest sportfishing show! California’s…

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What Kinds Of Dolphins Should I lookout For While We’re Sailing?

Here you will find a list of the 11 dolphin species that can be seen in our California waters. Starting…

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We’re The Closest Sailing Company In San Diego To The Pacific Ocean.

Being the closest to the Pacific Ocean is so luxurious its as if we leave our harbor and we’re there!…

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Bring On The Sunshine!

We’ve made it through the storm! The sun is shining and there is beautiful weather on the horizon! We’ve had…

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