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Get Your Happy On!

a man riding a wave on top of a body of water

There is rain in San Diego and we could not be more excited! Note that we realize that it makes us sometimes incapable of taking our beautiful boats out BUT we are in such desperate need of it right now in Southern California that we are so, so grateful. And who doesn’t love that smell of fresh rain drops hitting the streets? It can also be so cleansing to both the environment and our spirits!

Some interesting facts that will change your mind about rain in SoCal:

  • currently, over 98% of California is encompassed by the drought
  • farmers could sell their water for $700 an acre foot (which is more than they would make growing crops!)
  • California is the world’s fifth largest food supplier
  • California’s current drought is the driest period in over 163 years of recorded rainfall history
  • almond trees cover over 1 million acres and consume over 1 trillion gallons of water annually in the state
  • climate change has a cause and effect relationship with the changes we are seeing as a result of our changing environment

So let’s welcome this rain with open arms and enjoy its tranquility!