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8 Tips to conserving Fresh Water on your Sailboat

a man riding a wave on top of a body of water

8 Tips to conserving Fresh Water on your Sailboat

It’s always great to be conserving freshwater on your boat and these tips from the blog  Sailing Chance were too good not to share! When out Sailing for a long period of time freshwater can be scarce to come by. You can only hold so much and once it’s out you have to figure out how to get more. Depending on where you are and if you’re traveling that may cost money therefore the best thing to do is CONSERVE! Make the water you have last as long as you can and these small changes to your everyday routine can help a lot!

  1. Salt Water Foot Pump- This can make your life so much easier especially if it’s in the galley. It’s so easy to pre-wash dishes, rinse whatever is needed, and it’s a direct source to water instead of lugging buckets of around the boat.
  2. Mesh Net Dish Washing- This is an interesting tip but can be very effective in conserving any type of water. When you’re all done with your dishes throw them in a mesh bag and tie them off on the back of the boat. As you gently bob at anchor in the ocean any remaining food left on the dishes is loosened and sometimes completely rinsed off. Not only does it save water but it does most the hard work for you. You can then use a little soap to get the remaining food off in the salt water and just do your final rinse with fresh water.
  3. Salt Water Bath and a Fresh Water Rinse- You can do with yourself the same as you do with your dishes. Bath in the salt water and just rinse with your freshwater that way you can get all clean and just do the final rinse in the fresh water to get the salt water residue off of you.
  4. Use a cup of fresh water to brush your teeth and shave your legs. Leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth can waste gallons of water. If you just fill a cup up halfway you have enough to easily brush and rinse and same goes with shaving your legs.
  5. Hand Sanitizer- Hand Sanitizer is your best friend. Use it whenever you can instead of soap and water.
  6. Use Salt water for cooking- When making pasta or boiling water you can always add a little salt to help the water boil faster so why not add a little salt water. Don’t had too much but about ¼ salt water ¾ fresh should be perfect! Any conservation helps.
  7. Catch Rain Water- Depending on where you’re traveling it may rain sometimes and you could catch up to 15 gallons! Just put a bucket or two out and watch it fill up.

Read more about these tips and Sailing on the awesome blog Sailing Chance, linked above!