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What Kind Of Sail Boats Does Sail San Diego Have?

a large ship in a body of water with a city in the background

We love sailing and for that reason, we have 5 sail boats!

There are 3 different kinds of sailboats that we have here. To start We have a 22ft Catalina that we use as the lesson boat. We also have three 40ft Catalina 400’s that we also use as lesson boats, as well as daily charter boats for trips such as the Day Sail, Rum Runner’s and Sunset Sails. Last but not least, we have a 42ft Bavaria which is relatively new to our fleet. These boats are all beautiful and spacious to comfortably fit the guests we welcome aboard. Here at SSD our boats take up most of our time and effort to keep clean and running smoothly for our daily charters. The days have been beautiful, and our boats are ready for you, so come join us for some fun in the sun!