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What is the Best Sailing Charter in San Diego, and Why?

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Sail San Diego, itself, has been in business for over 30 years. This month (January 2018), however, is my personal one-year anniversary in San Diego’s sailing charter industry.

Although I did not start out in the industry working for Sail San Diego, I did ultimately end up choosing to work for this particular Company. Of course, they had to agree to hire me, but I didn’t go applying at 10 – 15 different companies when I was looking to make a change. I wanted to work for this specific Company, and I’m truly grateful to be on the team here.

I believe that some of my reasons for choosing Sail San Diego as my employer overlap with reasons why customers & potential customers should (and do) choose Sail San Diego for their sailing charter needs, over any other sailing charter in San Diego.

#1 – Sail San Diego is (literally) #1.

There simply is no larger, more successful, sailing charter in San Diego than Sail San Diego.

TripAdvisor ranks us as #1 of 161 Boat Tours & Water Sports in San Diego. We have a larger fleet and take more customers out on the water, year-round, than any other sailing company in San Diego. As multimillionaire sales & success trainer Grant Cardone says (and even titled one of his books), “If you’re not first, you’re last.

#2 – Best Boats.

best boats of all san diego sailing charters

If a young sailor wants to monetize his ten thousand dollar “classic sailboat” from the 1960’s, that’s cute and everything, but would anyone in their right mind honestly choose to pay more for their own family, friends & loved ones to sail on that, for less time, and with less amenities, than they would to have more time & more amenities aboard a larger, modern, quarter-million to $300,000 actual sailing yacht?

a close up of a persons hand#3 – No “Nickel-and-Diming”.

Sail San Diego includes all complimentary beer & white wine for all guests of legal drinking age, on all sailing tours, year round.

Unlike other companies, we don’t make our customers “bring their own beer” or give them “just the first one free“. We also offer free parking, 7-days-week. (This is a luxury sailing Charter, not a frat party… and even college frats provide free beer to their guests! C’mon now!)

Unlike other companies, Sail San Diego does not fabricate any sort of “fake taxes” to line our Owners’ pockets, asking for one price on our website, and then an entirely different (increased) price when it comes time for payment. We offer straight-forward WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) pricing. If anything, the price you end up paying will be LESS than quoted, if you are able to make payment in cash.

#4 – More Time (in General) & More Time (in the actual Ocean).best san diego sailing charter

Sail San Diego’s minimum sailing excursion is 3-hours, compared to other companies (2-hours).

We also offer 3.5-hour whale watching on our sailing yachts and 6-hour all-day sails that include a lunch sandwich from a local restaurant.

Moreover, Sail San Diego’s Fleet departs from one of the closest marinas to the open Pacific Ocean. Unlike other departure points in San Diego’s Big Bay, it takes our sailing yachts only 15 – 20 minutes to get to the actual Pacific Ocean. (Unlike the 40 – 50 minutes it would take from a place like Harbor Island, for example.) Our speedboat gets your group of 4 or more there even faster!

a boat is docked next to a body of water#5 – Choices!

In addition to our fleet of modern, 40-foot sailing yachts, Sail San Diego also owns and operates a 34-foot Luhrs speedboat. We use this vessel for private fishing charters, and also for whale watching (which is going on right now).

Sailing is nice & relaxing, but sometimes you simply need some pistons firing and some high-speed action on San Diego’s salt water. Sail San Diego offers this, as well! The “other guys” only offer one, or the other.

#6 – Good Owners.a man in a boat on a body of water

Sail San Diego is owned by good People. Our Owners have a great reputation within the industry. They are known as People that take great care of their staff, treating their Crew like family. I can personally attest to this being true.

They also give to charities and non-profits, without expecting to collect money in return.

Need more reasons? Feel free to give me a ring, personally, here at the Sail San Diego office (619) 297-7426. My name is Pete.

Book your sail with San Diego’s Best Sailing Charter now by calling in (619) 297-7426 or book online!