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Valentines Day 2021

a person standing next to a body of water

It’s always something that requires at least some level of thought & consideration… what’s the best place to take my special someone, for this special celebration of love that only happens once a year? What’s a memorable date that will be romantic, not too cliché, but won’t break the bank for Valentines Day?

To compound matters, 2020 brought our planet a new situation that has affected pretty much everything. Who knows if her favorite restaurant will be offering indoor dining, or if it will even be open at all?

Don’t worry. Sail San Diego, San Diego’s top-rated sailing charter since 1988, has your solution!

  • Is it romantic? Check!
  • Not too cliché? Check!
  • Is it a great deal? Check!
  • Will it actually be open? Check!

As an outdoor activity with our own private marina, we will be up-and-running, and we have two Valentines Day sailing options for you & your sweetheart: a couple seats on our special event group sail, or a private boat just for the two of you & whoever else you choose to bring with you.

Check our availability & book your romantic Valentines Day cruise here.