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From the Docks – Sunset Sails

a boat is docked next to a body of water

Although Sail San Diego offers many types of sailing tours, the traditional sunset sail is frequently what people think of when they think of sailing in San Diego, especially if it’s their first time. Have you dreamt of sailing into the sunset, off the coast of America’s Finest City? This is your opportunity!

Our sunset sails are almost always sold out, so make sure to book in advance whenever possible. Whether you’re in town on vacation or a local yocal in need of a staycation, a sunset sail with San Diego’s top-rated boat tour Company is exactly what your itinerary needs!

Another appeal of a So-Cal sunset sailing experience is the romance aspect. Create an enduring memory with your special date, admiring the beauty of your sweetheart & that of the sunset. Sure that you’ve found the right one? Sail San Diego offers private sunset sails for you to pop the question.

All of Sail San Diego’s trips, daytime or sunset, include complimentary beer, snacks & non-alcoholic beverages. The boats are fully stocked; help yourself, and we charge ZERO corkage fees if you want to bring your own bottle of white wine or champagne. Enjoy cocktail hour from your sailing yacht & then have a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant. Many great eateries are within walking distance.

Professional & amateur photographers alike know that sunset is known as the “golden hour”, one of the best times of day to get some great shots. Shoot some incredible family photos or Instagram shots that will dazzle your followers.

Sail into the sunset with Sail San Diego by calling our office at 619-297-7426.